Wed Sep 22 2021 journal
First day of school. Sitting in the UC Davis Coffee House for the first time in forever. Recently I've gone on a streak of listening to boomer music - yesterday I was listening to the Beatles, today I'm listening to Cream. [[music]]

Creative inadequacy

There are few feelings worse than wanting desperately to make something, and feeling as if you do not have the capability to make it.

First day of classes

Felt good to be back at university, surrounded by other students. Just enjoying the feeling of walking across the quad, enjoying the morning sun, avoiding eye contact with people marketing their clubs, spotting a familiar face in a crowd, etc. etc.


I've been introduced to the concept of inductive proofs multiple times but always had my doubts on how they actually worked. When my Number Theory professor brought up the topic again, I wondered if he'd finally address it, and he actually did. He was candidly honest about it - induction was more of a philosophical topic than a mathematical one, but as a purely mathematical phenomenon it's due to the axiomatic conventions that mathematicians abide by. That's it. It's axiomatic. I guess that was the expected answer, but it puts to rest a question I've had for a while.


I may take a typography class this quarter. It's not required for graduation, but I figure it could help me design better products, and maybe make [[exegesis]] look prettier.

// Read this, liked it a lot.